The Artist

Graziela Gilioli’s work in photography is a contemporary reflection on how we make our choices in order to live a fulfilling and meaningful life, regardless of our origins. With her lenses, she has been meticulously developing works that provoke us to think about our convictions and choices. Her work “Time Forgotten”  was exposed in the 10th International Art Biennial in Rome, 2014, and was acknowledged internationally, receiving its award from the juri of the International Center of Contemporary Artists (CIAC). As a photographer, she seeks to understand the world in which we live.

She travels around the planet, searching for other ways of living in and interacting with it. Her photographs, both portraits and landscapes, always center around the individual and, with intensity and sensitivity, depict the intimacy of the human condition.

Her studies in photography started at the Panamerican School of Arts in São Paulo and were developed and perfected in the Photography School of Santa Fé, United States, at the Saint Martins Central London University of Arts, and at the Speós Institute in Paris. In addition, she participated in workshops with Jennifer Spelman in New Mexico, with David duChemin and Jeffrey Chapman in Liguria, Italy, and with Adam L. Weintraub in Cusco and Machu Pitcchu, Peru. Graziela Gilioli is a Bachelor in Social Sciences from PUC-SP, with a graduate course in Marketing Mangement from FGV –SP and an MBA in Management from FAAP- SP.

She worked as a trader in the Commodities and Futures Exchange and in the Stock Exchange of São Paulo, and was a sports marketing executive manager in organizations of the third sector.  Today she is a photographer and non-fiction best-selling writer, author of “Little Doctor“.

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