What is a Photo In Loco shooting session?

Photo In Loco is a contemporary portrait session having you immersed in the real landscape, the real scenery is the backdrop of your pictures. You will be photographed and directed by Graziela Gilioli, an award-winning photographer at the International Biennial of Art of Rome, 2014. The atmosphere in the photographic setting is gentle and engaging. Whatever type of shooting session you choose – solo, family, friends or couple – you will have a good time. Photo In Loco is an unique photographic experience, it is fun, it is real and it stays on forever.

Can I use the photos on my social networks?

Yes. The photos are yours. You can post on instagram, on facebook, google +, linkedin, and all digital or print media you want.

Who owns the copyright?

The photographer has the  photography copyright of the images. Although photographer Graziela Gilioli posses the photography copyright, Photo In Loco does not publish any image of the clients without their written authorization.

What if my request is a gift?

The person you chose to give the Photo In Loco shooting session will be happy! It’s an unique and exclusive gift. All you have to do is write an email to Graziela Gilioli ( graziela.gilioli@me.com ) telling her who is the person that will be receiving the gift. And we will pay special attention to this. Giving  a Photo In Loco shooting session is a very unique way to make the one you love happier

How long does it take to receive the confirmation of my Photo In Loco shooting session?

Your shooting session will be confirmed within two business days from the date your payment is confirmed. You will receive an email with the confirmation of the date chosen and also all the details of your photographic session.

Can I choose the location of my Photo In Loco  shooting session?

Yes. You can choose one of those collections’s locations that matches your style as the backdrop for your pictures.

The following are the collections’s locations.

“Dolce far niente’’ in the external areas of your hotel.

“Vineyards, Gardens & Sacred places” is the collection which contemplates two different locations in the Montalcino region. You can choose Brunello vineyards, the gardens of Villa La Foce and Horti Leonini, or sacred places such as the Cappella della Madonna di Vitaleta and Sant’Antimo’s Abbey.

“Seaside & Etruscan villages” is the collection you can choose three different photographic settings. The beaches of Porto Ercole or Punta Ala, and the San Bruzio Monastery, and Etruscan villages such as Sorano or Sovana.

You can choose one of those collections or you can blend it as you wish in a customized photographic experience.

Can I cancel my Photo In Loco shooting session?

Yes. If you want to cancel your Photo In Loco photographic session you must send an email to graziela.gilioli@me.com within a maximum of 48 hours from the day you received the confirmation by email. After that you will be charged the full amount of your shooting session.

What happens if I do not show up at my Photo In Loco shooting session?

If you do not appear in the location at the time agreed for your shooting session the amount paid will not be refunded. If you want to book a new shooting session you can schedule it through the site and it will be considered a new Photo In Loco shooting session.

Can I book two different shooting sessions on the same day?

Yes. But you should book those two photographic sessions separately on the site. You will receive the confirmation and all information and details of your Photo In Loco’s sessions by email. If it is necessary you will be contact by phone as well.

If you have any other questions that were not answered here please send an email to graziela.gilioli@me.com.

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