The magic of photo essays

This is a new concept of photo sessions.

It was created for unhurried and extraordinarily moments – that unforgettable cozy wedding, or that marvellous romantic trip, or the fine art essay for the bride’s celebration, or the amazing and inspiring solo shooting.

Photographic sessions are always an unique experience. Graziela Gilioli photographs “in loco”, with the real scenarios as the background. In a soft and engaging atmosphere Graziela Gilioli captures free, unposed images in locations around the world.

It was created to celebrate the reality of the Present Time through the art of Photography. The Present Time is all we have, and savoring this time is what brings joy to our lives.

A shooting with Graziela Gilioli is a memorable photographic experience. And back home, when your eyes rest on the images that emerged from those clicks you will live those same moments again and again forever.

Graziela Gilioli values the choices we make in order to live well and peacefully. After many years of study in different fields and many trips around the world she has discovered that moments of harmony and joy can arise from the smallest of things – the click of a shutter.

Try it! It’s fun, it’s meaningful, and it lasts a lifetime. 


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