MaxMara introduces “A look beyond” by photographer Graziela Gilioli

MaxMara is holding the exhibition “A look beyond” by photographer Graziela Gilioli.

In this very controverse and complex world of ours, we are sometimes deceived by the illusion of the efficiency and urgency of contempoary life. Amidst the tangles of modernity, we take to living without time to think, as if we were hostages of the secrets of our own existance.

The exhibition “A look beyond” urges us to think about our choices and the convictions we have about the world we live in. Photographer Graziela Gilioli takes us to unique places and transports us to the realm of quests on how to live in harmony with the time we own and in tune with our deepest desires.

Graziela shows us photographs taken in different countries, in Morocco (the Merzouga Desert, Volubilis, and Fez), Italy (Rome, Venice, and Camogli), Peru (Ollantaytambo), Bhutan (Punakha), the Chilean Patagonia, and the Atacama Desert.

Her images delicately and powerfully convey the intimate direction of her art, in which the individual is always the protagonist, albeit absent from the image. Graziela Gilioli transcends what is habitual and obvious, and shows us the possibility of a kinder look upon us all.

The exhibition “A look beyond” will be held at MaxMara flagship store

March 15, to April 15.

MaxMara Brazil – Haddock Lobo, 1604, São Paulo – Telephone no.: (11) 30620617

Photo: Rome, Italy © Graziela Gilioli

10 Nobreza © Graziela Gilioli 2016

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