“To be finite at infinity” – Graziela Gilioli’s lecture on November 17, 2015

In the tangle of our time, which we know little about our destiny and its reasons, Graziela Gilioli invites us to rethink on our beliefs and our choices from a generous look at us.

With humanistic approach the lecture “To be finite at infinity” is about the ending of all things and the chance we have to understand, interpret and contemplate our own lives.

Graziela Gilioli is a Brazilian sociologist, writer and photographer. Author of “The Little Doctor” nonfiction novel published in Brazil and Portugal with nine editions. Photographer internationally recognized at the 10th International Art Biennale of Rome by the work “Time Forgotten ” and a speaker at the TEDx.

Graziela Gilioli transcends the habit and the obvious when speaking of deeply human issues such as the fragility of human beings facing the unknown.

WHERE: Ypsilone Art Office
Rua Gumercindo Saraiva 54, Jardim Europa, São Paulo.

WHEN: November 17 from 19: 00h to 20: 30h.

REGISTRATION: until 10 November – to book your place call Ypsilone on tel: 3360-2726 or send an email to ypsilone@ypsilone.art.br

More information by phone: (+5511) 33602726 and (+5511) 99905-2928

Photo © Graziela Gilioli, 2015 – Los Cabos, Mexico

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